Frequently asked questions


Who is this service for?

If you are an individual, micro (2 people) or small (2-100 people) business, specifically looking to market to the Ottawa Region, this service is for you.

I am not good with technology, will I need to learn technology?

No! You don't have to learn technology to get service from us. We offer two types of scenarios, the first scenario is where you completely outsource every marketing aspect of your small business. In this scenario, you don't have you learn technology, only facilitate us as we ask you questions about your small business. In the second scenario, we build it in very user friendly tools, and then provide handover training to make you a confident independent user of your new marketing assets. We will make it as pain-free as possible.

What if start off by outsourcing all the marketing to you and then want to learn how to do it?

Rest assured, we only use tools that are the easiet to use from the very begining, so that if at any point in time you want to take over your marketing, it's very easily transfered to you.

Can I customize services you offer?

Absolutely, we want you to get exactly what you need, that's why all services we offer can be bought as one-offs.

What if I want to expand beyond Ottawa?

Well done! We love enthusiastic entreprenuers as yourselves. Even though we specialize in the Ottawa market, there is nothing that says you can't go beyond Ottawa, the world is your oyster and we can help you get there.

Do you market events?

Absolutely, we can definitely market events. Events can be of any nature (within the bounds the law ofcourse) for e.g. weddings, shows, grand openings, small concerts, non-profit events, marketing events and more.


Can I pay via credit card?

Hi you can definitely pay by VISA and MASTERCARD.


Do you offer training on all the web tools you use?

We do offer hand over consults in 1 hour session units. If you need more training, you can purchase more time, but the majority of people pick-up the tools very quickly.

What tools do you use for building websites?

We have partnered with WIX, Shopify, Wordpress and more to provide the best looking and the easiest to configure tools for you.

Can you help me build a Wix Website?

Yes, we are official Wix partners and can definitely help you build a wix website.

Can you promote my Etsy Shop?

Yes! we can promote any type of shop or web presence you may have online.

Do you promote Amazon store listings?

Yes, we can help you promote your Amazon Store listing.

Can you help me build a Shopify Store?

Yes, we have partnered with Shopify and can build you an E-commerce solutions with Shopify.


Once the material is handed over to me what if I need more training?

If you need more training after the materials (webpage, social media pages etc.) are handed to you, and you have already utilised the standard handover time we offered, you have the option of purchasing more training time or support.

Do you offer a support program after I get a webpage / social media channel from you?

Yes, we do offer a support program for purchase, which covers basic issues about your webpage or social media site. That is a tiered program, you can look at the support page to look at the options we offer for purchase.

If I don't purchase a support program who handles support?

If you have opted for a handover option and have not opted to purchase support, all of the tools we choose for our clients have built in support for those tools. In this case, you would have to use the support the platforms offer.