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Affordable Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Our Marketing Solutions

Existing Brand Overhaul or New Brand Creation 

Understanding what local Ottawa customers are looking for is what we are good at. 


We will build your new brand identity according to our geo-local business insight and market intelligence, specifically around the Ottawa market. Just like you, we don't like generic and vague marketing information either (no it doesn't work). 



Marketing & Sales Plan 

Bottom line, where are you going to find customers? That is the most important question that makes or breaks your business.

As a small business owner, your job isn't to learn about the whole new field of marketing, your job is to run your business.  

You need a customized plan for your business's geo-location, not generic DIY advice you don't have time for.


We will formulate the strategy and all you need to do is execute (we even can execute it if you want)


Customized Online Strategy & Social Media plan

What is relevant for your business? 

Where should you be connecting with your customers on social media? What is the right content? 

We create your online presence, the messaging and your strategy, to increase and improve your business ranking on search engines (SEO). Once created you can handle the channels yourself or let us do it for you!


Content Creation & Content Marketing 

One of the hardest things to create is interesting content for your webpage and social media. The content has to touch your audience and leave a lasting impression while setting your brand apart. 

We create your content, leaving you free to run your business.  Content that leaves an impression and brings in clients for you. We offer a package or one-offs as well. Check the pricing page or contact us now.  


Website Design

Your website is the single most important destination for your business.  It should reflect your core values, the products or services you are marketing in a user-friendly way that can seamlessly be viewed on all devices across the board. 

The important feature is that it should be easy to operate and update so that you are not wasting time calling a web designer or some admin to update content or offer a new product. 

Our philosophy is that websites should both be user-friendly to customers and business-friendly for business owners and reduce the total cost of ownership and maintenance.

What is our process? 


Brainstorming Consult

We begin this process by consulting with you in-person and getting a good idea of your needs.  It includes your budget, industry, business goals etc. 


Design & Development 

Next, we design the site using tools that you are comfortable with or need specifically. We develop all types of e-commerce websites and solutions. The site is tested for both desktop and mobile experience. 


Final Revision & Handover

We meet for a final revision and handover process. The site is completely optimized for search engines rankings (SEO). We provide handover training and we are ready to launch it!


Influencer Marketing 

Using influencers to market your local product or service will bring customers in the door, faster! 

What is our process? 

We consult with you

We begin this process by consulting with you in-person and getting a good idea of your needs.  It includes your marketing budget, industry, business goals etc. 


Find & Match

Next, we find the right influencer for your industry and budget. An example would be if you are a local eatery, we would match the relevant local food influencer/ blogger and collaborate with them. Before jumping into anything you will get to see their number of followers and the type of posts or reviews they do, as well as the cost involved. 


Content Development & Campaign

We collaborate with the influencer on content and messaging and begin the campaign after your sign -off