Calling all Self Starters and Enthusiastic Entrepreneurs!

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

You took the leap of faith! You have decided to become and entrepreneur! Now what? After the high and excitement of building your own business dies down, new entrepreneurs sit in front of your computer stumped at what to do next. The reality is you have to do everything on your own now, including be the Subject Matter Expert, the accountant, the marketer, the sales person, and yes you even have to be the janitor.

All is not lost, let none of these tasks over whelm you, there is support!

Ottawa specific resources for Micro & Small businesses

Traditionally reputed as a government town, Ottawa as recently been working very hard to encourage entrepreneurial ventures in the city. It is still a bit of a wiggly path to get where you need to be, but you might not know what resources you have access to start and grow your business. Here are some beginner steps for you!

First Step is registering your business in Ontario or Federally as a Canada Corp.

Second Step is to figure out if you need any licences to run the type of business you are thinking. Bizpal is a free service to figure exactly that.

Third Step The City of Ottawa also offers business resources to get you going.

Fourth Step other Ottawa Specific resources offered by Invest Ottawa in the City.

Fifth Step is to decide if you want to be solely online or have a physical presence. Both Require a web presence. If you are looking to lease space, why not find collaborative or co-working environments.

More Steps Marketing, Sales and Business Road map are all things you will need help with. We can help with those.

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